슈퍼카지노에 대한 동영상 편집 영상입니다.

슈퍼카지노에 대한 동영상 편집 영상입니다.

슈퍼카지노 [] 의 제목을 사용하였고 그냥 아무 동영상을 좀 편집해서 짧게 짤라봤습니다.


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    Eat your stomach and always carry a piece of bread in your arms. I don’t know when you’ll be able to eat it again when the battle begins.

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    At Soo-hyeon’s words, the soldiers smiled.
    The warriors were even sorry for the knights because they could see how poor the enemy was. They were eating their fill in a warm place.

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    One day later, Soo-hyun, who was standing at the guard post, received urgent news.

    Captain! The honey bandy flew up!

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    The news from the messenger of the vessel made the soldiers lose their strength.

    ” I expected it, but …So we’re putting more into this. “

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